Minions Reimagined For Other Worlds – Part 6

Ezio Minion
Minion of Pandari
Charro Minion

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Minions Perform a Kiss Classic

Two star Minions of the hit ‘Despicable Me‘ movies can be seen singing the Kiss classic ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ in an impressive and entertaining new fan-made video short.

The duo, decked out in full makeup as Gene Simmons‘ Demon and Paul Stanley‘s Starchild, hit the stage with tongues wagging while cranking out a rather Chipmunk-ized version of the band’s most famous anthem. But things very quickly start to go wrong for our minions.

This clip was animated by Norman Lemes for a Minion-themed CG MeetUp challenge. CG MeetUp is a place where people who are waaaaay better with computer animation than we could ever be get together to “exchange ideas, knowledge & job opportunities.”