The Cure – “Disintegration”


Nirvana – “Love Buzz”

Love Buzz” is American grunge band Nirvana‘s debut single released in 1988. It is a cover of a song by the Dutch rock band Shocking Blue whose version was released in 1967.

It released on Sub Pop in the US. It was the first single in the Sub Pop Singles club. A slightly different mix of the song would also appear on Nirvana’s debut album, Bleach. This version is missing a 10-second sound collage introduction put together by Kurt Cobain. “Love Buzz” was later released on Nirvana’s Blew in the UK in December 1989.

In a 1989 review for British music magazine Melody Maker, Everett True wrote,

“Nirvana are beauty incarnate. A relentless two-chord garage beat which lays down some serious foundations for a sheer monster of a guitar to howl over. The volume control ain’t been built yet which can do justice to this three-piece!”

True also made “Love Buzz” joint-US Single of the Week. True also described Nirvana’s Love Buzz single as a “Limited edition of 1,000; love songs for the psychotically disturbed”.